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Perché il papa ha le scarpe rosse?

Perché il papa ha le scarpe rosse? I bambini interrogano Benedetto XVI 

 Why the Pope has red shoes? Children ask Benedict XVI 

 Before I went to Rome in July of last year, I knew about this book  so, when I was there, I looked for it. And found it. And I  read it in a moment. Then I read it again, slowly. It's a delight, like the person who wrote it. It is supposed to be written to children but he answers in a way that can be understood by adults. In a gentle way, he explains deep things that we must know to answer to those who don't.

For instance, the celibacy of priests, why it's like that. And in a gentle manner he says ...

The latin catholic priests, and so also the Pope, live celibacy for the Kingdom of Heaven: this means that we renounce  by our won will to have a family of our own, imitating Jesus. It's a renounce made for a bigger good. There's nothing negative, on the contrary, one makes it for the love of Jesus and so we can be fathers of everybody.

What an answer! What a man! 

And about the main question, the Pope's shoes, he says:

The cassock of the Pope is white but all the accessories  are red: the cloak, the hat, the mozzetta ( the short cape) and the shoes. Everything red because it's the colour of martyrdom and St. Peter, whom the Pope is the successor, is a martyr and red is the colour of  the burning love, the colour of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

How beautiful! How he knows, so well, what is the fire of the Holy Spirit, that burning fire that alights our soul and makes us face everything, just for the love of God. He knows so well what is the love of God!

In everything, the way he answers and explains everything, shows a wonderful man that have a brilliant mind that is able to transform very deep matters in such easy answers. Not that the answers are easy, it's that he is able to make them look easy so we can understand them. Only the great can do that - as the Pope does.

As we read, we feel a soul immerse in God, we feel that light that comes from him to us when we see his pictures but even more when we read those wonderful things he says.

The more I  read what he says, the more fervently I admire him!

 I'm fortunate enough to be able to read italian so, as I knew also about the other book he had just published about his trips with the Pope, I looked for it also and found it too. 

 It's more known that the previous one, even if, for me, the other is even better than this. I'm talking about  Urbi et Orbi.

As everybody knows, it talks about those pastoral trips the Pope had but doesn't cover Portugal neither the UK. I hope he will make a vol. II.

This picture from the pastoral visit to Angola, was taken in Luanda, the capital, the place where I was born, and the Pope has a flower that was quite special in my childhood years and is called rosa de porcelana , porcelain rose. Sometimes, brides would wear it as a bouquet in their wedding.

Our Monsignor wrote also this one.

But, about this one, there's no hope for me, I don't know german. Maybe it will be, one day, translated for italian or english. If that happens, I'll be the first to buy it!

He wrote also :

I'm so sorry I can't read them!
In the end, I want to remind that he wrote the preface of this one.

 I haven't this one, yet, but I'll buy it as soon as I can.

All these pictures, except the ones of Chico and Katholish, where taken by me from my own copies of  these books. They are, as you see, not good quality pictures but I'm not a photographer, if I was I would spend all my life taking pictures of Msgr. Georg and the Pope.
Anyway, I made what I could. I hope you will like it. 

How can somebody not like this man is a thing I don't understand! 


. said...

I hope this would be useful, Sonia.

catherine said...

Thank you for the pictures and the stories, it's always good to hear things about him.
I love the young boy photos too, he must have broken a few hearts on the way to the priesthood! Love his curly hair.
Like you I cannot understand the bad things that are sometimes said about him. His eyes and smile tell such a different story.